Wheres Olea? Join the hunt for London’s Olive Trees

For #LondonTreeWeek we ran a hunt for London's Olive Trees. The winning hunters won a tree to be planted in their garden or borough!*

Using the Curio-xyz app to join the mission, Olive Tree Hunters all over London went looking for olive trees and uploaded photos tagging them WheresOlea #LondonTreeWeek #IcoGreen

Ico Green
Ico Green

Winning prizes went  out to the following;

– Best selfie with an Olive Tree – Royna Begum
– Best photo of an Olive Tree – Rushia Roshid
– Most photos/selfies with Olive Trees – Francois Jordan

The Olive Tree Hunt has now ended! 

Download the Curio XYZ app here.  



Watch this short video to find out more. 

Olive Trees also known by their Latin name Olea europaea are long lived trees (some have survived for 2000 years!)  that can grow up to 7 meters tall.

Ico Green

How to identify an Olive Tree

Naturally Olive Trees shed older leaves in Spring (April in the UK) to make room for new growth.  Flowering season is in the summer; they give off small white flowers. Olive Trees grow quite slowly and don’t require much pruning. The leaves are usually of a dark green-grey-ish green colour and pale with white scales below. The leaves are approximately between 4-10 cm long and 1-3 cm wide.  Given the right climate, olives can fruit which can range in colour from green to a reddish-black.

Whilst you’re out on your olive hunt, be wary of picking olives straight from the trees as they probably won’t taste very good. Olives are usually soaked in oil, water, bring or a very strong alkaline solution to remove bitter chemicals.

In the UK, Olive Trees do not tend to grow too tall. You will find that most of them will remain “patio size” and stay in plant pots. The one’s that are not in pots still won’t grow very tall.


Ico Green

Olive Tree Mythology

There were many mythical symbolism associated with olive trees, for example the olive tree branch symbolizes peace, wisdom, and victory. The trunk of an olive tree is associated with fertility and prosperity and olive oil is associated with divine essence. It was believed that Greek Gods were born under the branches of Olive Trees. Legend has it  that Hercules strode along the shores of the Mediterranean and his mighty staff shot out roots every time it struck the ground.

Ico Green




*Trees will be approximately 2.5-3 meters high. They will be delivered in the next planting season (October 2017). Final species of trees to be discussed with winners.