Aboricultural Consultancy

iCo Green can provide a number of different arboricultural services, a small selection of which have been outlined below. We believe in providing a tailored, bespoke service and will work with you to understand your specific work needs and requirements.

Ico Green

For more information on any of the below or a free quote, please contact us directly at icogreen@ico.uk.com, on 020 7527 8100 or by using our contact form.

For more information on any of the below or a free quote, please contact us directly at icogreen@ico.uk.com, on 020 7527 8100 or by using our contact form.

Tree Management
Tree management incorporates a wide range of services, from inspections and maintenance of tree stock to carrying out service requests from the public or tenants, as well as general tree risk management and assessments. iCo Green has years of experience managing large landowners’ arboricultural concerns, with particular expertise in parks, housing estates and road networks.

Tree Policies and Strategies
The iCo team has considerable experience in producing and delivering tree policies and strategies, including overseeing the political and resident consultation processes. We can provide this as a full service, including all investigatory and report elements, or as a consultancy offer providing advice and assistance and adapted to your specific outcome goals.

Our strategy package includes any or all of: written reports, executive summaries, briefing documents and formal presentations

Risk Management and Risk Surveys
We help landowners meet their duty of care requirements, in ensuring that trees upon their land are managed appropriately and in line with National Tree Safety Group guidelines and recommendations. We can conduct risk surveys for trees upon your property and create a specifically designed management system, to ensure the safety of the public and visitors to your land. Our Tree Officers directly manage over 50,000 trees in the UK and have a wealth of experience to bring to your property requirements.


Planting Plans and Programmes
The iCo Green team oversees planting programmes for hundreds of trees every year, and deal with a range of clients and situations, from trees located on public or private land to the specific requirements of highways, schools, parks or housing estates. We can bring our expertise to any situation, and advise or manage the entire process from conception to establishment.

Subsidence Claims or Tree Root Damage
Whether you are a homeowner concerned that a tree may be damaging your home, or the manager of a large tree stock who needs advice on reducing financial losses from root damage claims, we can provide legal advice and risk management solutions.

Ecological Tree and Bat Survey
We have experience of providing bespoke Ecological Tree surveys for both individual trees and large tree populations, and can deliver combined tree risk management surveys with ecological surveys to provide a comprehensive joint outcome. iCo Green is also qualified to conduct Level 1 bat surveys (Level 2 by Spring 2017) and can provide these as part of our unique wider tree survey package. Bat surveys are a new legal requirement for arboricultural contractors and development schemes involving roofs or old trees.

Public Engagement
The iCo Green team has years of experience in public and resident engagement, from borough-wide tree policy consultations that could include resident group meetings, public events or school assemblies, to engaging with an individual social housing resident concerned about problem trees in their garden. Our staff maintain professional, helpful attitudes throughout every stage of an engagement process and are particularly adroit at dealing with political considerations in a local government context.